About The Northern Sound System

Phone: 08 8255 5560

Email: info@northernsoundsystem.com.au

The Northern Sound System (NSS) is the City of Playford’s Youth Music Centre located in Elizabeth, South Australia. NSS uses music to engage with young people, building on the rich musical  history of Adelaide’s northern suburbs. Since the 1970s, the area has been a spawning ground for musical talent in South Australia, with popular Australian artists such as Cold Chisel, The Angels and the Little River Band earning their stripes in venues across the city.

NSS is a truly innovative community facility. Nationally, there are other youth engagement facilities as well as council-supported music programs, with live music venues and recording studios found in every city. But to combine these things in one place is rare.

NSS provides a pathway for young people to engage with services and programs that address capacity and skill building through the accessible platform of music, supporting the growth and development of young people in our community. But it also offers a 300-person purpose built venue, live recording facility, rehearsal space and music and digital training all in the one place.

NSS uses a unique model of collaboration, partnering with schools, government agencies, community organisations, music businesses and the local to:

  • Enable engagement, training and skills development for young people;
  • Provide co-tenanting opportunities with service providers, offering a broad range of development and support services for youth;
  • Facilitate community development as a space where people can come together to enjoy music, learn new skills, share ideas and build a sense of belonging and community participation;
  • Provide opportunities for people of all ages to make and enjoy music, while supporting the rejuvenation of the music industry in the northern suburbs.

NSS opened in January 2007, with construction of the facility funded by Council, in conjunction with the Federal Government’s Sustainable Regions program.