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    The Northern Sound System’s artist development program N1Records provides support to musicians who are creating music for release.

    In 2017, four emerging artists will receive $3000 project funding to advance their art and industry goals. Artists will be required to specify how they’ll spend the funding, when and with whom to the best of their ability.

    Artists will be supported by The Northern Sound System’s staff, facilities and growing network of music industry creatives to achieve their goals. Activity will take place between Nov. 2017 and June 2018.


    Entry Criteria

    • Artists must provide 3 original songs as a soundcloud playlist link on their application
      • Recordings can be poor quality as long as we can hear the idea (ie use your phone or book NSS home studio for $5 per hour)
    • Artists must be unsigned, independent artists
    • Applicants must provide a plan for their funding and be willing to achieve it
    • Images of successful applicants will be used for N1/NSS promotional activity

    Judging Criteria

    Artists/Bands will be selected because they have:

    • skills necessary to create and perform original music
    • interesting artistic aesthetic
    • a strong plan for their funding and clear budget
    • strong communication skills


    Funds are for art production and skills development. Activities include but aren’t limited to studio recording, working with producers, video/photo shoots, bio/press release writing, artwork and online distribution, conference admission, flights and accommodation. Funds won’t pay for equipment, or anything that can be directly sold like merchandise or CD/Vinyl pressing.


    Please spend time to consider the questions and answer them clearly. Your answers represent you as an artist and will greatly affect your chances of success.

    You must prepare a Soundcloud playlist for your application with 4 songs. This playlist are a vital element of your application. If you need support please call NSS for help. Links to Youtube/facebook/Instagram are valid additional information sources.

    A clear and considered project plan will make for a stronger application. Please be specific about what you want to do, when, where and with who is involved.

    Required information includes: Soundcloud Playlist, Artist Bio, Project Plan, Timeline, Budget and Quotes.

    For more information please contact Nick O’Connor 8255 5560 noconnor@playford.sa.gov.au

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  • About You

  • Group Details

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    Name Role Age
    Danny McExample Singer 18
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  • Project Plan

  • Example:
    Month Activity
    Oct Record at NSS
    Nov Photo Shoot with Luke F
    Nov Attend Face the Music in November
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  • Budget

  • Example
    This example shows how to fill in the budget. Get quotes from suppliers to keep it accurate.
    Please note Expenditure and Income TOTALS match, showing you have sufficient income to cover your costs. Project planning and budgeting support is available, please call NSS.
    Expenses $ Income $
    Studio – NSS $750 N1 Records $3000
    Engineer – Mike Super $500 Own Contribution $170
    Photographer – Luke Friendly $300
    Face the Music Conference Ticket $400
    Melbourne Flights and Accom $1200
    Ditto Digital Distribution $20
    TOTAL $3170 TOTAL $3170
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  • Total$Total.$. 
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  • Support Letters and Quotes

    To support your budget please get emails and/or quotes from any suppliers validating their involvement and pricing. These can be saved as pdfs/screengrabbed as jpgs and uploaded here.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf.
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